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Common Types of Traffic Violations in Michigan

Both federal and state laws classify certain actions as traffic violations. Michigan’s Vehicle Code and Uniform Traffic Code provide a specific outline of how drivers should conduct themselves.

Some of the less serious traffic violations include:

  • Disobeying a traffic signal
  • Speeding
  • Failure to use a turn signal
  • Unlawful lane changes

On the other hand, there are several other types of traffic infractions that are more serious, and that could lead to more severe punishments.

These include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Vehicular assault or homicide
  • Driving without a license or a suspended license

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    What are the Consequences for Traffic Violations in Michigan?

    Depending on the type of offense and the circumstances of the situation, if you are convicted of a traffic violation, there could be serious consequences. For example, anyone convicted of a DUI could pay heavy fines, lose their license for a period of time, and be ordered to spend time behind bars.

    Every day, people throughout the Detroit Metro Area are pulled over for both minor and major traffic violations. Depending on the severity of the crime you were accused of, you could be facing either inconvenient or life-changing penalties. Frequent offenders or those who commit very serious traffic violations could be sentenced to pay large fines or even to serve jail time. Some may even have their license suspended, affecting their ability to get around town.

    Why Little & Boylan PLLC

    Not everyone who is charged with a traffic violation is guilty. Additionally, even drivers who do commit violations might be able to have the charges reduced when they have the assistance of an experienced traffic violation attorney on their side.

    Why Choose Us?

    • At Little & Boylan, PLLC, we know what it takes to properly defend traffic violations regardless of severity.
    • Our knowledgeable attorneys know how to handle these cases and will strive to obtain favorable results, whether that means getting the charges dropped, seeking a plea bargain for a reduced charge, or getting an acquittal in court.
    • We look at your case from every possible angle to make sure your rights are protected.

    Contact Our Traffic Violations Lawyer in Rochester Hills Today

    If you have been charged with any sort of traffic violation, a Rochester Hills criminal defense attorney can help reduce the effect that this charge has on your freedom. Even if the offense was minor, it may be worth retaining a traffic violation attorney to avoid unjust penalties and keep your record clean.

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